Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Moon

I was not much of a fan of New Moon. It was kind of long and drawn out to me. Stephenie Meyers was very wordy in the book. In New Moon the book as well as the movie, they can not stand on there own.  Basically the story is about a girl named Bella, the love of her life Edward the Vampire leaves her and she gets a stronger relationship with a guy named Jacob (who is a werewolf). I was board through out this whole book and I did not really care for the movie either.  Bella mopes through out the whole story, because the love of her life is gone (Edward Cullen). I enjoyed the end of the book as well as the end of the movie. Maybe I am just a fan of the vampires. I feel that is book and movie is just a filler of the saga.
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