Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dead Until Dark

     Sookie is a 22 year old waitress who lives in Bon Temp, Louisiana. She is different than most people at least the people in her town. Sookie can read peoples minds. People in Bon Temp see her as crazy Sookie. Sookie’s parents died when she was young, so she lives with her grandmother. She has a brother named Jason who is real popular with the women in the town. Sookie can not believe how the women can’t see how much of a jerk he really is. When Jason became older he moved in is parents house in town. Sookie works just about every day at a bar called Merlotte, for am man named Sam who is not quite what he seems.
         In Sookies world vampires have come out in the open and everyone knows that they exist. It has been a year that the vampires have come out and Sookie still has not seen a vampire. One night while she is working, a stranger walks into Merlotte an sits at one of the tables. Sookie know right away that he is a vampire. This good looking vampire name is Bill. Well Bill and Sookie are thrown together right away. Sookie saves Bills life. While saving his life she finds out that she can’t read his mind. She is surrounded by silence and she loves every minute of it. Later on Sookie gets mixed up with this couple that almost kills her. Bill comes to her rescue and saves her from them. To heal Sookie all the way Bill has her drink his blood. By Sookie drinking his blood they have a closer bond with each other.  This bond soon turns into a relationship, and most of the town people are wearied out by them seeing each other together.
         Soon two women known as fangbangers (women who like to sleep with vampires and let them drink there blood) and someone close to Sookie are died. This makes Sookie think that her life is also in danger. Who do they accuse of the killing going on in there town; of course the new vampire that has just come to town. Sookie defends Bill, but no one will believe her because she is crazy already and now she is real crazy for dating a vampire.
         This is a real great book. I kept reading it until I was at the end of the book. The book takes you through Sookie and Bills relationship and all the strange murders in town. I have always been a fan of vampires and to read a good vampire story makes this book even better.  If you like vampire stories you must read this book and even if you are not really a vampire fan.  This book is still GREAT!!!!!

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