Monday, November 1, 2010



           Jamie Hannagan is an seventeen year old girl who lives in Fieldridge Michigan. Her mom stays drunk  all the time so Jamie primarily takes care of herself. She buys her own clothes and food. She is not popular with the girls at Fieldridge High. She has been made fun of, by one girl named Malinda. When Jamie was young she did not have nice clothes. Now that she works at Heather Nursing Home she wares better clothes. Jamie has a best friend named Carrie who lives next door to her. They are really close but Jamie has a secret that she can not even tell her best friend or anyone else. 

         Jamie's secret is that she enters peoples dreams, she has no control over  entering  there dreams. When she is pulled into a dream, Jamie mind enters there dream. She can talk to the person who is dreaming and see herself walk around in there dreams. Peoples dreams that she enters rarely remember her in there dreams. If she would to tell someone what she could do they would not believe her or even worse they would think that she is a freak. The most common dreams are, falling dreams, naked but nobody notice dreams, and sex crazy dreams. One day after she leaves work at Heather Nursing Home, Jamie enters a dream while she is driving her car. She enters the dream and tries to stop her car with no success. Entering the most disturbing dream she has ever had. A young monster-man with knives for fingers approaches her in the dream. Her car goes into a ditch and she slowly comes back into her own mind in her car.

          When I first began reading the novel I thought I was not going to enjoy it., I felt that the author  kept repeating herself at the beginning of the book. I finally got sucked into the story  30 pages in and could not put the book down until I was finished.. I like Jamie's character, she is strong and she is very determined. She  does not let her home life or her secret stop her for getting what she wants in life. The novel is written in modern times , so I found it very easy to read. I look forward to reading Lisa McMann's  next two books: FADE and GONE.


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