Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Perfect Chemistry

Perfect Chemistry is a story about, bad boy falls for good girl. The bad boy is not really bad as he is though out to be. We have seen and read this story a thousand times. The way Simone Elkeles, the author writes this story it so appealing. The author puts a modern twist on the story to keep you reading.

The story changes from Alejandro's (Alex) to Brittany's point of view. They have always heard of each other and of course they are from different walks of life. Alex is from the city and Brittany is from the suburbs. Alex father died when he was six and lives in a small apartment with his mom and two brothers. He has joined a gang to protect his family from harm. Brittany is the most popular girl at school, dates the captain of the football team. She feels she has to be perfect for everyone at school and her family. At home her life is not so perfect. Alex and Brittany first have there first encounter in the school parking lot where she almost hits Alex with her car. Then they find out they are in the same chemistry class together and the teacher pairs them up as partners.

This is an exciting story. Simone Elkeles the author has you laughing, crying, and wondering what is going to happen next. The story has an excellent flow all the way till the end, except for the epilogue. I felt it to be a little cheesy. This book age range is fourteen to adult. With all the sexual content I would think sixteen and up.

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